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St. Ignace Michigan Snowmobile Trail Report


1/7/2020 - Straits Area Snowmobile Club


Iggy got 3-4in of needed snow last night but it is very dry and will compress to not much. The RR Grade from Iggy to Moran was getting a bit thin, but usable.

All of our trails have been punched open, and are usable. The Cut River trail and the South end of the Truck Trail still need final cleaning, so there are a few hangers and the like, but the groomer has been through and it is usable. There are several water holes on that trail, one is 2ft deep so use caution. There is also several water holes on the Caffey, sleds are getting through but it is not pleasant. 1 or 2 water holes on the RR Grade too North of Moran, but nothing to worry about. I am hoping these holes start freezing in this week.

Both groomers are running tonight, and several more times this week to get things widened out and hammered down. Baring another weather event, we should be back to normal next weekend.

The question would then be, can you ride out of our system? I am hearing you can get to Newberry, but North and East of us is still blocked, so please do your research on where you can and can’t ride in the EUP right now. I have talked to the DNR< and they are bringing in Forest crews with tracked machines to help the clubs punch things open, especially in the Soo. They will be down here if I need them. It is great to hear the DNR is stepping up like this!

Weather this week will be up and down, warm on Tuesday, cold on Wed, and warm again on Friday. Trails should hold up no problem, and they will get tore up with some traffic late this week.

Once again I have to thank both our volunteers and our paid crews which worked through the weekend to keep getting things into shape. Ray and crew punched the Cedarville trail open, Ken Ryscamp & wife cleaned up the Truck Trail, Mike fixed up the Huckelberry, Todd & friends worked all over, and I am sure there were more. It is rather unbelievable it has taken this much work to get the trails back into shape – and I know other places were hit harder than us.

Our buddy Toddmeister was up on Saturday to ride and posted up the a trail review, so po over the the forum for another report:

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