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Silver City Michigan Snowmobile Trail Report


Silver City Porcupine Mountains Area Trail Conditions
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Our trails were groomed Sunday and Monday we need more snow and colder temps!! Unfortunately, the forecast for the next 10 days are above freezing with no snow.... Groomer Mikey rates the trails as poor. We need a polar vortex.

Northern Ontonagon County has seen near constant snow since two nights ago. It needed it! South Boundary Rd trail 11, Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park - the Porkies Lake of the Clouds trail 1, trail 137, 101, 13, and 12 from 101 to trail 1 was groomed last night! Trails range from poor to good with early season hazards still existing. Shout out to Randy L. and President Mike Olsen for burning the night down into day to get this done. Trails can be thin, ride slowly and cautiously!!

Groomer Mikey was out training Mass city Mike and CB. We were out grooming and packing trails last night, some good some bad we will give a better report in a couple days. Ride with caution early season conditions!!

We started packing trails yesterday, we still need more snow.


Dear sledders...HAVE FAITH, snow will return! Current 10-day forecasts have us feeling a little down too, but this too shall pass! We've had several recent nights that have been very cold with spotty 1-2" that fell across the region this morning. Far cry from our normal feet of depth, but it will come. We have a great freeze down going, think snow! Lodging gets tough to find in peak season, so book now with our #1 lodging partner, the The Porcupine Mountains. These businesses deserve your business, support us by supporting them!

We are extending our season until Sunday night with the fresh snow coming, groomers will be out starting tonight;)

Groomers will be out Friday night trails should be good for the weekend other than a few bare spots

Groomer Mikey and Nick were out making great trails last night!! Trails are in excellent shape.

Rick and Josh out making them smooth! Trails are fantastic! Bridges and crossings not so much. A few wet spots so ride with caution.

MEGA SNOW INBOUND! Don't quit on us yet, we aren't quitting on you! Regular grooming continues on our 109 miles of trails. Significant lake enhanced storm is coming! Be safe and please support our sponsors! When you visit, be sure to thank them for supporting North Country Snowmobile Club UP!!

We are getting much needed snow! Bridges, road crossings, bare spots and some wet areas were beginning to be issues. 4" so far and still coming down. A big snow system is forecast for late next week. We aren't done yet!

Trail 137, trail 13 and trail 12 to Greenland are groomed and in great shape, all 3 groomers will be out Friday night

VOLUNTEERS WERE OUT ALL NIGHT GROOMING EXCELLENT RATED TRAILS. The season is far from over, 4-8" forecast for today. The best riding of the season is here!

All three machines are out making them smooth. Ricky went west to the Porkies, Josh went east and Red Beard is in the middle. Should be beautiful trail conditions again tomorrow!

Josh has his Superman cape on and will be out all night. Tractor Mac hit the Porkies.
Trails are setting up nicely. Get out early, lots of sledheads in da Yoop.

Josh, Kurtis and Tractor Mac were out last night, looks like all 109 miles were hit. Mother Nature put down from 10" to 20" depending on your location on our system. Snow is pretty dry so not packing in perfectly but going down nonetheless. Expecting another 3" today.
Get out and ride the beautiful 906!

All 3 groomers will be out all night, the trails are shaping up nicely!!


Four inches of snow is a big help. Its going a long way towards repairing the damage Mother Nature did.
Steve, Josh and Tractor Mac are out working for you tonight!
We hit all 109 miles last night. Doing the best we can with what we have.
Trails are fair to good. Corners are icy and crossings are bare.
Do your snow dance and keep your fingers crossed we get the 8" forecast before Friday!

Trail 13 is clear of the groomer, reroute closed and trail reopened. We had limited grooming last night due to our volunteers exhaustion dealing with the stuck rig two nights ago and yesterday. Trail icyness is increasing rapidly. Please ride slowly!

The groomer crew was out all day yesterday running nonstop overnight into this morning. Trail 1 west of Silver City is thin until you hit the unplowed road to Lake of the Clouds. All trails need more grooming, but we also need traffic to help break up the frozen moguls down deep. Trails are rated GOOD with short sections rated POOR. Poor sections are closest to the lake.

Thank you NCSC-UP groomers! They are out to flatten trails and spread the gospel of snow. We caught Kurtis coming back from LOTC on trail 12! Trails will be very icy in spots and thin near the lake. Trail 12 is rideable from White Pine to Ontonagon, yes you can get over the big Ontonagon River Bridge! Groomers will run all night!

Groomers will be going out and day grooming tomorrow to start rebuilding the trails we will have a better trail report tomorrow night.. winter is not over yet!!

Well, Kurtis Van Alst groomed from Hamilton's North Coast Adventures shop to Lake of the Clouds this morning. It groomed up nice, but trail 1 near the ski hill is very thin. He was able to cover 60% of the bare spots from South Boundary Road west towards the ski hill. He did triple passes (6 total runs) on the upper turns to LOTC to get it back flat. Trails are full of snow, but some high spots like driveways have gotten bare, and it is thin west of silver city. Trails will get icy, grooming is paused until temperatures allow us to head out. Thanks for your understanding.

We have made the tough decision to park the groomers tonight due to the temperature.
We will assess the situation daily to determine the best course of action.
We want to be out there as bad as you would like us to be out there.
Here's to cooler weather!

Steve, Kurtis, Josh and Tractor Mac were out Friday night into Saturday morning. All of our trails with the exception of Trail 12 from Ontonagon to Greenland were groomed.
Get out early!! Traffic is extremely high and temps are expected to get into the mid 40's. Trail conditions will deteriorate quickly.

Trails groomed up nice!! Great riding ahead! Thank you sponsors and volunteers! Ride right, ride sober, STOP at STOP signs, be courteous to riders and drive past homes like a sleepy groomer operator is in there napping!

It's currently 47 degrees at 6pm we hit 50 degrees today we will not be grooming tonight because the snow is wet and soft we will do more damage than good trails are holding up decent and colder temps starting tomorrow all 3 groomers will be back out Thursday night

All 3 groomers were out all night trails 1, 12, 13, 101, and 137 were groomed and in great shape thanks to the groomer operators Steve, Kurtis, Josh, And Veto. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VETO Thank you for grooming on your birthday

Hollywood is up in the porkies running the tractor and groomer Josh groomed 137. 12 from white pine to Ontonagon. 101. Trail 13 from rockland to 101 and trail 137. Trails are in excellent shape!!

TRAILS ARE RATED EXCELLENT! We have received 6" this week with much more coming the end of this week. Groomers are all online and grooming nightly.


Groomers were out temps are cold and we have lots of snow!!
Trail 137 is groomed and in excellent condition
Trail 12 is groomed and in great condition from white pine to Greenland
Trail 13 from rockland to trail 101 groo.ed and excellent
Trail 1 from white pine to silver city groomed and excellent
Trail 1 from silver city to Trail 11 is groomed this is a 2 mile Trail that's thin on snow but very rideable
Trail 1 lake of the clouds is groomed and excellent
Trail 11 from lake superior to Trail 102 is groomed and excellent

Groomers were out all weekend, and the trails are set up good!!

All 3 north country groomers were out last night. WFO steve Hamilton, Rick, and mikey trails should hold till afternoon, then we will be back at it again tonight. It doesn't look like much was groomed south of us but looks groomed from the porkies all the way to twin lakes be safe and ride right watch for wet spot that keep appearing ....

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