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Munising Michigan Snowmobile Trail Report

Munising Michigan

Munising Area Trail Conditions report for the Alger County area provided by SORVA of Alger County.

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Jan 30 2021,


No new snow with trails in overall Good groomed conditions. We still really need a good heavy snowfall. The forecast does not look promising so stay tuned on snow conditions and grooming results.  There is a large amount of snowmobile traffic and we are seeing signs of the snow getting tired. Some areas were already showing “sugary” signs when trying to get a good grooming ribbon. North of Shingleton was flattened out but hard and thin with little to work with closer to Shingleton, expect to see some gravel mix in areas. Some tight corners are getting icy throughout our area so ride with caution. Trail 422 has vehicles still driving on Miners Castle Road. Trail 419 between Munising and Wetmore is rough with a challenging creek crossing and no snow to work with, ride with caution. Please respect residential property owners and STAY ON THE TRAIL, No Snowmobile Signs mean just that. Please continue the snow dances and Stay Tuned for updates!

Past 24 hour Grooming Operations: Trail 8 from 7 miles North of Shingleton West to Trail 417, Trail 7 North, Trail 7 South to Doe Lake Road, Trail 418, Trail 419 from Trail 8 into Wetmore, Trail 419 West, Trail 422 and Wetmore Spur   (reference map below for trail locations)

Today’s Forecast: Cloudy, 27º F, Winds SE 10 to 15 mph
Currently: Sunny, 25º F, Winds Variable at 5 mph

Photos: Trail 7, 8, 419 and 422 (cover Trail 7 South)




- There is an open water creek crossing on Trail 419 between Munising and Wetmore. We do not have enough snow to install a temporary culvert yet. PLEASE ride/cross with extreme caution as each side is built up and icy. Trail segment is rough.

IMPORTANT National Forest Closure Notice!


- STAY ON GROOMED TRAILS in the Stevens Lake F-16 crash site area. These are Trails 7 to the North and East, Trail 2 to the South and Trail 411 to the West. Order in effect through September 30, 2021. Notice from the National Forest important for those who venture off-trail: "Just a heads up to remind riders to stay on trails especially around or near the crash site they can be fined or imprisoned if caught inside perimeter thanks" (Order and Map in images below shows area)

Trail Conditions


8 East - Shingleton


No new snow, fairly flat with 4 to 5 inch base. Groomed 1/29/2021


8 West - Chatham


No new snow, fairly flat with 4 to 5 inch base. Groomed 1/29/2021


7 South - CR440


No new snow, fairly flat with 4 to 5 inch base. Groomed to CR 440 1/28/2021, Doe Lake Road 1/29/2021

Just south of Doe Lake Road there is a large depression that develops from underlying trail conditions. Keep the speed down and ride with caution in that area.


7 North - Christmas


No new snow, fairly flat with 4 to 5 inch base with some icy corners closer to Christmas. Groomed 1/29/2021


419 East - Wetmore

Fair to Good

No new snow, minimal base, Good from Trail 8 North into Wetmore. More snow needed to fill and shape trail between Munising and Wetmore, very rough there. Groomed from Trail 8 into Wetmore 1/29/2021, Trail setting started with tractor only between Wetmore and Munising on 1/21/2021.

Open Creek crossing between Munising and Wetmore. Not enough snow for culvert yet. Trail setting started between Munising and Wetmore but much more snow is needed - ride with extreme caution, especially along M-28 and at creek crossing.


419 West - Munising


No new snow, fairly flat with 1 to 2 inch base. Some icy corners, Groomed 1/29/2021


418 - Au Train


No new snow, fairly flat with minimal base. Gravel mix near AuTrain River, Groomed 1/29/2021


417 - Brownstone Jnct.

Fair to Good

No new snow, very rocky with minimal base. Attempted a groom but much more snow is needed to return with grooming equipment. Groomed 01/23/2021

Large Rocks, ride with caution - needs more snow.


422 - Miners Castle


No new snow, 4 to 5 inch base. 2 mile stretch along H-58 has minimal snow cover along guard rail sections. Groomed 1/29/2021

WATCH FOR CARS/TRUCKS With low snow conditions vehicles are still traveling out the the Miners Castle overlook. Stay alert for vehicles once you enter the groomed section of Miner Castle Road.


Wetmore Spur


No new snow, fairly flat with 2 to 3 inch base. 1/29/2021


8 North - Shingleton


No new snow, fairly flat but hard with 1 to 3 inch base and icy corners. Watch for depressions in trail from underlying holes. Mainly near the north and south ends. North end has more snow than south. Groomed 1/29/2021

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