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Grand Marais Michigan Snowmobile Trail Report

Grand Marais

Grand Marais Area Snowmobile Trail Conditions report by Grand Marais Power Sports.
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Grooming update: While we were hoping for a lot of snow we are only at about 2-4 inches. It is still snowing so we’ll keep everyone posted. Due to the fact that we don’t have any base on the main trails, we will not be able to go out and groom today. We did have riders come in from Pine Stump and Wetmore this morning. They made it into Grand Marais from both areas but both groups said trails were ok but not great and difficult to get into town. There were lots of big drifts in spots on the trail. Keep in mind there is still snow in the woods so if you want to trailer out and ride the woods you should be ok for a few more days.


Trail update: I talked with 4 different groups of sledders today and it sounds like the majority of the crazy 8 trails are still decent riding. There are a few dirt spots in the hilly/curvy sections and other thin spots throughout. Two of them stated that they had been riding some ungroomed logging trails and unplowed trails with plenty of snow on those they rode.
We did not groom the last two shifts due to high temps. We are watching the temps, and if it gets cold enough, early enough, we may groom limited sections overnight, tonight. If not, Thursday night/Friday morning is forecast colder, longer with chance of lake effect snow Friday. We will continue to do our best with what mother nature gives us, to keep the trails rideable.
If you want to find snow to ride, it is out there. Definitely more snow on the non-groomed trails than the groomed ones, but still snow and rideable snow, at that. That is not to say there is perfect snow and no dirt. If you want to find dirt you can!!! The trail into GM is really thin, bare in some places, and rough. There is not enough base for us to groom it. A few commented that slow is the best policy for now!!! We appreciate the positive feedback and all the thanks we are receiving. We also appreciate all those that come up to our communities and support local businesses. Ride safe everyone.

Boys are just finishing up another successful groom. We received a couple inches over night and expecting a couple more this morning. Come play where the cool kids ride.

All four trails were groomed last night. Calling it a good start to rebuilding the trails. Snowed hard during the night and is currently snowing. Sam took care of issue on Trail 8 east. Ride right and enjoy.


Received 3 inches of heavy wet snow last night and it is still snowing. This makes things rideable but not yet groomable. Weather forcast is favorable going into the weekend. Chamber of Commerce is hosting Winterfest on Saturday with lots to do.
As soon as conditions are right the groomers will be out. Look forward to seeing you this weekend!

North and south trail were groomed last night. Due to the high temps we are going to have to park the groomers. H58 and town trail are getting bare spots. Please avoid riding on the black top if possible. Staging at M77 and 88 will allow you to ride most of our trail system.

Trails groom up better and better everyday as the snow keeps falling. Keep doing the snow dance. Ride with caution on the roadside trails. Town trail is very thin.

All trails were groomed last night. The snow is starting to pack down. The base is thin, but the woods are beautiful. The town trail was groomed this morning.

Groomers will be heading out tonight. The plan is to groom all trails.


Just a quick update on the the trail conditions from groomer Al. I ran our north trail (8-888-88) and the majority of the trail is thin. 888 has a lot of bare spots, some water holed, and is rough. The base in the best spots is at most 2-3 inches, and is easily spun to dirt. Even the dirt is still soft!
I also hit the southern end of our west trail (88-88/43-8) with the same conditions on those as well. The section of trail 8, south of the park and ride at the hairpin corner, has been plowed as there are loggers working in that area. The section on 88/43 that is marked wet area has standing water and mud. H58 (is snow covered and we panned from the park headquarters to the split of 8/89.
As we all know, WE NEED MORE SNOW and some cold temps. Ride safe guys/gals and go easy if you can!!!
EDIT: I put 2 video clips in comments!

We have three machines that are ready and chomping at the bit. We are supposed to get 5-6 inches tonight. Let's hope that happens.

As the season comes to a close, we would like to thank all of you that came and supported our trail system and our town. This season had its share of difficulties. No matter the situation, you all were there with words of appreciation and support. This meant a lot to us here at GMST.
We would like to give a shout out to all our businesses and the snowmobiling community. Whenever we needed help, be it financial or an extra hand, you responded. Thank you.
This season we were blessed with an incredible crew of drivers. They groomed 18,734 miles of trail. This included all of our original grant money as well as our supplemental grant money. Our youngest driver, Sam ended the year with 6000+ miles groomed. Groomer Al logged 3500 miles and groomer Todd had 3000+ miles. Six other drivers filled out the rest of the line up. You guys are ROCK STARS!!!!
Sincerely, the GMST board
P.S. we will not be grooming into the April 2nd extension as we groomed through all of our grant money.


FYI. We are not grooming into town. H58 (town trail) has been plowed. Plan accordingly.
For clarification, from the intersection of trail 8 where the town route turns north has been plowed. Options for park and ride:
where trail 88 crosses M77
Dahner Plains Rd, 5 miles north of Seney
The National Park Visitor Center parking lot (a park pass is required)

Due to the warm temps we will not be grooming tonight. Looks like we can resume on Thursday night into the weekend. We will be limited to two routes per night because we are down to one machine. Should be a great weekend to ride the 8’s.


From groomer Jeremy this morning:
Good morning! North Trail is good to go. I would recommend advising riders to look out for drifting. Worst of the drifting was at Lake superior overlook 12 mile beach entrance and out by Kingston lake. It took a couple passes to knock the drifts down and by the time I came back through, they had formed again. Other than drifting advisory, the trail is good to go

1”-2” of heavy wet snow here in town, 3”-4” south of town. Will be grooming as soon as it is cold enough for the snow to run through the drags. Groomers will be out during daylight hours. Please ride with caution.

We are now back to two groomers. We will be running 4 routes every night as the temps allow. Snow forecast for the weekend. Come up and celebrate St Patrick’s day and enjoy some great spring riding.


All routes were groomed yesterday and last night. We are taking today off…no grooming….will resumes early Monday morning.
Unfortunately, it looks like the Piston Bully is down for the season. We should be getting our old Tucker back Monday or Tuesday. Once the Tucker is back we will return to our regular grooming schedule.

All routes were groomed last night. With cold temps and lite traffic, the trails are holding up well. Should be a great weekend to ride.

From groomer Tim:
North trail this morning, little new snow and only a handful of sleds.....only 38 days left, what are you waiting for?

Groomer Todd is just finishing up south route. All routes were groomed last night. It is a beautiful day to ride. Measurable snow in the forecast AND a new Tucker in the forecast. Keep your fingers crossed.

FYI: just in from Mike-Finishing up North and South this morning East and West were done last night. A dusting up to an inch of new snow. Three days ago I didn’t think I would be saying this but I would give the trails a good to very good. The guys have done a great job

Friday morning….east, west and south are getting their second groom after the rain. It takes multiple grooms to get ice back in shape especially without new snow.

The rain has stopped, the temps have dropped and the groomers are running. East and west went out at sun down, north and south will get groomed upon their return. Early report is that they are grooming up better than expected.

Trails east, south, and north were groomed last night and this morning. Looking at the forecast, we are scheduling the next groom for Wednesday evening and will be back on grooming all four trails every night until the weather tells us different.

East and west routes were groomed last night. We have a groomer down, probably for a few days. With the warm up we can only run at night. We are going to attempt to get three routes groomed per night this week. When it gets colder and/or we get the groomer back up and running, we will be back to grooming every route every night.
From groomer Tim:
North trail complete 8,88,888 new snow and little traffic, what more could you ask for on a Friday.

Morning groomers are just coming in finishing last nights groom. This week we were able to double groom 3 out of 4 of our routes. With the single digit temps the trails are flat,smooth, hard, and holding. Come get some.


From groomer Jeremy:
West trail is done. Was in pretty bad shape, but very disable now.
Saw a couple riders earlier and they said it was good to go.
It's always nice to get some feedback like that

Just in from groomer Jeremy:
The south trail is all done. Corners and curves were in pretty bad shape, but I cut them down as best I could and now much better. Lots of blade work to get rid of the moguls, but again the trail is now in fine riding shape.

We will be staring back up today with grooming. There is a lot of work to do to get the trails back into good shape. Trail quality will depend on snowfall.

From groomer Tim:
North trail this morning 8, 88, 888. Unfortunately had malfunction with a blade on the drag and was only able to pan last third on trip back. Tim

Just in from groomer Jeremy
North trail is groomed.
Base is in great condition. Trail should be a fun, safe, smooth ride


From groomer Tim: West trail 8, 89, 88......very little traffic, good snow conditions.

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