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Curtis Michigan Snowmobile Trail Report


Curtis Area Trail Conditions report provided to you by Fish & Hunt Shop. Visit their website at
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Thank you to everyone that supported us during this trying year! We’re looking forward to better things to come for the Curtis Area Trail Association and make our trails great again.
With the grooming over the real work begins. We’ll be working throughout the summer on some possible reroutes with landowners, continued brushing/signing and working on some swampy areas with the DNR and EGLE that have been issues for 25+ years. We’re also planning a trail maintenance day for September 23 so mark your calendar, we’d love to have you come give us a hand.
Try to make the best of summer and we look forward to seeing everyone next winter!

Yesterday was probably our last groom of the 22-23 season unless we get more snow! It was a beautiful morning with 45 to Newberry and 2 down to Naubinway turning out flat and fast.
TOBE Outerwear was at the Top of the Lakes Museum in Naubinway when we got there and did a quick interview on the history of snowmobiles and snowmobiling the midwest. We can’t wait to see how they use this with our new Tucker being in the interview.
We have some ideas for next year to better our trails which hopefully with the DNR and EGLE on board we can get this accomplished.
We’re always looking for help so if you like to lend a hand working on the trails let us know! We’ll be doing another trail maintenance day this fall so look for more information on that this summer.
Thanks again for supporting the Curtis Area Trails and we can’t wait to see everyone again next year!


43 to Germfask has some water holes opening back up and it’s getting thin on snow.
45 to Newberry is still in fair to good condition once out of town but the shoulder into Curtis is dirt.
2 down to Naubinway is fair to good except the last two miles through the swamp. West of Naubinway has to much flowing water to take the groomer’s through and is getting thin on snow.
We are working with the DNR on some possible reroutes and how to fill the corduroyed sections so next year we’re able to groom them as well.
If the weather cooperates we will groom what we can get through and there’s enough traffic to justify it. 
Have a great day!

45 to Newberry and trail 2 going to Naubinway are both being groomed tonight and should be in great shape for tomorrow!

With tonight’s single digits we’ll address the swamps tomorrow and see if we can get back through them this weekend and let you know what we find.

In the woods the trails are holding up and have a decent base, but the swamps and where it was corduroyed we need cold and snow.

We have a little bit of a warmer day today with cold and snow coming in this week so do your snow dance and let’s hope the end of February and March bring record snow!

Thank you to the Fish and Hunt Shop for the donation of the Otter Sled! Hopefully next week with some fresh snow we’ll be able to get back into the swamps with it and freeze them up, so keep doing your snow dance.

Also thank you to the Tally Ho Underground Bar and Grill for doing the groomer shots. Last night alone raised $48 for the Curtis Area Trail Association!
Doug had a long night grooming up to Newberry and over to Naubinway with several downed trees along the way. The Top of the Lakes Snowmobile Museum vintage guys have reported it made a huge difference.

Doug’s out doing what he can with minimal snow and lots of ice. He’s heading towards Newberry and then across trail 9 so he can head down to Naubinway for the antique ride tomorrow at Top of the Lakes Snowmobile Museum.

This is going to be the only section of trail we’re going to be able to groom until we get more snow and cold to freeze things back up.

South Trail 2 going to Bates Corner Bar and Michihistrigan is getting a double groom this afternoon! Both great places you could ride to and watch the game tonight.

Both 43 to Germfask and 45 to Newberry were groomed last night and are ready for today!
457 south out of Curtis is still not rideable, we just haven’t had enough cold and snow to get this trail froze up this winter. Trail 2 from the east of Naubinway is in great shape if you’re looking to head south though.
Let’s hope the weather man’s wrong with this weeks warm up! Unfortunately This seems to be the trend this winter, warmer temps during the week with snow Thursday and Friday which is our forecast again. So do your snow dance
and let’s hope this Thursday we get dumped on!

Both groomers are out, one’s heading to Newberry 45 and the other to Germfask 43 and are looking good.

Took a ride through 457 south of Curtis today and is passable with a sled but is extremely rough. The next couple of days are going to be warm but once it cools back off we’ll see about trying to get it froze up to get the groomer through.

Both Newberry trail 45 and Naubinway trail 2 are being groomed tonight, both should be in great shape after tonight!

Awesome day grooming for the Kids ride and with areas that picked up 12” of fresh snow things turn out great!

All of our trails have been groomed within the last 24 hours, and 45 to Newberry has been done twice. We still have a short section of 457 south of Curtis that we can’t get through with the groomer because it’s still to wet but overall trails are in good shape. We have a couple warmer days coming so hopefully we won’t loose to much before more snow moves in Thursday.

Groomer just got back from Germfask on trail 43, overall it’s in good shape other than the 1 mile section that was corduroyed.
The guys are just finishing up the Newberry trail 45 now and said things look great. There’s the 1/4 mile section right out of Curtis that’s a little rough but everything else is good.
Tomorrow morning the groomer will be heading to Naubinway trail 2 for the Top of the Lakes youth ride, stop by and check out the groomer if your in the area!

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