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Cedarville Michigan Snowmobile Trail Report


Bully 18 and Brian groomed trail 47 from M-48 barn west to trail 491. Trail has lots of snow to work with. Trucks are running out of the logging area so watch for them. Groomer went north on Trail 491 which still has lots of snow to work with. The roads are bare but you can us the banks to get around 90% of it. Trails themselves are great but icy in the corners. Didn't see any sleds last night but did see rabbits, deer and a dog. Ride right. Ride smart.


Finally got back in the groomer after the"big snow". Ok, it wasn't nearly what the said it was going to be, but it seems to be enough. Thursday night is our "date" night. My wife rides with me to do the local Cedarville trails. I was pleasantly surprised with how the trails were turning out. We did find water in 2 spots (see picture) getting into Cedarville, but nothing too bad. Hopefully it freezes in tonight and tomorrow. Everything else came out nice.
In one picture you can see how well our new drag was doing with the fluffy snow at 12 degrees. Our track was less than 1 hour old when the sled went down the trail. I'm impressed with the Trail Paver!
Our main trails will be done tomorrow for the weekend rush.
Stay Right!

Bully 18 Brian,Gary we groomed trail 47 and 491 .Trails are hard and flat fresh 4" of snow to groom they are great . Watch out for ice on corners . Get out and right safe.

Groomed Trail 47 east of M-48 to DeTour Village Sunday night. Trail 491 groomed last night after it started to freeze. Trails are in good shape with thin spots as you go east of Caribou Lake to DeTour Village. We will be holding till temperatures let's us back on trails. Ride Smart. Brian

Weather is right, # 18 Bully and Jim grooming 491 this afternoon. Trails are great for riding. Ride right, ride safe.

Out on trail 47 east to DeTour Village trails are holding up great 2 " new snow 30 degs. Ride right ride safe. Brian

Jim G groomed from Cedarville west to m134/mac trail today. Overall trail is great, although a little warm and loose (pic 2). All roads have ice/snow and only one wet area on the mac trail powerline. Hopefully we get some much needed cold weather and snow for the weekend. Ride Right!

Looks like 49 is now completely open from Cedarville to the Soo. Hard work from Sault Ste. Marie Snowmobile Association has paid off!

Bully #18, Jim groomed trail 491 this evening. Scott is on trail 47 tonight. New snow makes a great trail.

Groomed trail #47 to DeTour Village this morning. It's in good shape . Followed wolf tracks for 2 miles east of Cranberry Lake. Ride right ride safe . 2 inches of new snow.


Jim G groomed trail 47 from Cedarville to m134/mac trail today. Overall very good conditions with all most every wet spot frozen. The two water holes by the airport are completely frozen and the temporary signs removed. Mac trail pole line is almost frozen with only a couple small areas still open(pic). Able to really flatten out the mac trail pole line over the frozen ice. Still minimal snow but all roads are snow/ice covered. Right right and safe.


Our section of trail 49 has always been late to get groomed due to water and soft ground. Friday afternoon two of our groomer operators, Dale and David, took the Argos out. They pushed straw into the holes that were still open and cut a group of trees that were newly hanging into the trail.
They said things are freezing up nicely. 12 sleds came through while they were working, so it is passable. One group stopped to talk saying they expected worse, and other than our problem spots, trails were nice.
Attention Polaris Ride command users, there is NO parking available on trail 47 west of 3 Mile Rd. at Bay City Lake. That is Summer time only. We have a staging area available north of Cedarville on Blindline Rd across from or groomer barn.


I wish all of our trails looked like this! I will say our new drag is amazing. I can't wait to try it out when we have more than 6-8" on the ground.
Rod and Becky hit the local Cedarville trails tonight. For the most part our trails are looking good, except every direction we go, we have mud and water to deal with. Half of the Cedarville access trail is fair. The north half starts off nice, then it goes to...mud. There's 2 new holes that have came up with the last warm up. There's nothing to push into them, and they're deep.
If you are coming into Cedarville, head south on Blindline Rd from the groomer barn. Turn east on State street, then take the rest of the trail into town. The road snow covered, so it's not bad. With the cold that's coming in, we're hoping they freeze up quickly.

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