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Sault Ste. Marie Michigan Snowmobile Trail Report


Sualt Ste. Marie Snowmobile Association

Reported On: December 15th, 2017


    We ran groomer West from Raco on trail #8 Thursday.  That section is not too bad because no water not but still needs snow  we will be running groomer east to Brimley Friday and there are a few water puddles on that portion.  No grooming in town yet lots of water.

    Gates are not open going south or on the Spile dam trail due to low snow and water.

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    February 1 help break Guinness record for longest Snowmobile parade


    We have a new plowed parking area at the beginning of trail #8 under the International Bridge, which now has an all season porta John.


    If you are staying in the Sault please look at our list of supporters on our web page and give them your business.  Please do that in all towns you visit.  The grooming entities are all made up of volunteers who want you to support those who support us!!!!!!


    Remember trail base is the amount of snow between your track and the ground below not the amount of fluff piled up in the woods.  10 inches of snow compresses to less then a inch on the trail.


    Sault Ste. Marie to Brimley, Trail #8 –

    Base  0 – 2 inches -Trail is in poor  Condition.  A little bit of water.


    Brimley to Raco, Trail #8 –

    Base 0 – 2  inches -Trail is in poor Condition. Several water holes to go around.

    When going across the bridge in Brimley make sure you go with the flow of traffic!  Blowing and drifting occurs when you first leave Brimley.


    Raco to Naomikong Trail #8 [where Paradise meets us], Trail #8 –

    Base  0 – 3  inches – Trail is in poor to a little better then poor Condition. No water


    Sault Ste. Marie City Trail, Trails #497, #449, parts of #8 & #49 –

    Base 0- 2  inches – Trail is in poor condition. Watee water Water

    We now have a marked trail going to Chippewa Motors.  It starts once you come out of the woods east of M-129 off #449.  It comes into their parking lot from behind if you need parts or service.

    City curfew is from 1 am – 6 am. Remember most City streets are open to traffic 20 mph, stop at all intersections, and ride on the right hand side of street not on side walks. Watch for closed streets that are posted, mainly around the hospital, university, and state trunk lines.


    Sault Ste. Marie to Kinross, Trail #49 –

    Base 0 – 3  inches – Trail is in poor Condition.

    Big time water water water    Make sure you follow reroute once you cross bridge going south at 7 Mile road .

    When the trail is running along roads make sure you go with the flow of traffic on the right side of the road.


    Kinross loop & south to Pickford, Parts of Trail #49, #472, and #494 –

    Base 0 – 2  inches – Trail in Poor Condition  low snow


    Kinross to Raco & Rudyard, Parts of trail #472 & #480 –

    Base 0 – 1inches – Trail in poor Condition.  Watch for reroute signs just west of Kinross.  Water holes



    The Downtown Trail is signed but snow and barrels on Portage Ave bridge have been removed! 

Other Important Snowmobile Links listed below.