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Silver City Michigan Snowmobile Trail Report


Silver City Porcupine Mountains Area Trail Conditions
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We have one groomer down until Thursday, but we have now repaired ALL trail sections to the point that they are ALL ridable.  There is more detail below. We have trail that is excellent and other sections that are good to fair. Our base varies from 6″ near Lake Superior to 24″ in The Trap Hills to 30-36″ in The Porkies.  This cold snap has frozen the remaining wet areas for us.    We have been getting a few inches of lake effect snow here and there this week and we are starting to be able to pack up the trails and lay down some nice tracks.  It is still thin near Lake Superior and icy in the corners.

 It is illegal to ride on or ride the plowed shoulder of any Michigan state highway. (in this area: M64-M28-M38-M107). When the trail runs along the hwy, you are allowed to come up onto the shoulder to go around a hazard or cross a bridge when necessary, but then you MUST return back to the trail. County deputies, state troopers and DNR law enforcement will write tickets for this infraction.

Can’t wait to see y’all!

Ride da 906!


 Trail 1 Porcupine Mountains to Lake of the Clouds

Groomed and in good condition, but we could not get the tractor up the hill.  The hill to reach Lake of the Clouds will not be groomed until we get the Pisten Bully running again.

Trail 11 South Boundary Rd. to trail 102

We groomed this trail on Sunday and it is in good condition. Trail 102 to Bergland was also groomed Sunday by Gogebic Area Grooming.



  • White Pine to Silver City is in good condition and the water holes have been fixed. There are multiple raised driveways in this section.  We do not have enough snow to level these out and you will go airborne at 30 MPH or above. On gray days, in the dark or when snowing, it is hard to identify and react to these elevation changes.
  • There are a lot of deer crossing the trails in the Silver City area, please ride with caution.
  • I rode Silver City to South Boundary Rd on Monday.  It is thin and rough, but the water holes have been repaired, and it is ridable. The bridge has also been repaired and opened. Please be respectful of the people who live along this stretch and stay on the trail and out of their yards.
  • South Boundary Rd to The Porkies Ski Hill is thin but ridable.  Trail 1 to Lake of the Clouds has been groomed and is in good condition. We cut down the moguls on final hill, but will not be fully grooming this last climb until we get some more snow to cover the ice.



Trail 1/12 White Pine to 101

  • Along LP Walsh Road –    This trail section was repaired on Monday.  It is in fair condition, and we will need more snow to get a better base. Stay on the trail in the low areas, there is water on both sides!  It is still a bit rough thru here, and there are a couple of elevated driveways in this stretch too. Slow down and ride with caution.

Trail 12 Ontonagon – Potato Farm Road

This trail was groomed Sunday and is fair to good condition. The highline section between Norwich Road and Potato Farm Road is good condition.

Trail 101

It is in very good condition.

Trail 12 – 137 Ontonagon to Rockland

This trail is in good condition.

Trail 12 Ontonagon – Greenland

This trail is in good condition.

 Trail 13 – Trail 101 to Rockland

    • From Trail 101 to 137 is in good condition.
    •  The section between the river crossing and Trail 137 is in terrible shape. There is massive ATV damage and the only way we’ll be able to fix it is more snow. It’s about a 1/2 mile of trail. We would recommend the alternate route below to and from Trail 137.  It is not being groomed right now.
    • The section between Trail 137 and Rockland it is good condition.


    If you are heading West out of Rockland. Take Trail 137 right (north) at the junction just West of town. Turn left onto Victora Road (West) (I believe it is the first stop sign you will come to.) This will take you right back to the trail at the river bridge which runs part of this road.

    If you are heading East to Rockland – stay on Victoria Road after you cross the river.  You will meet Trail 137 about a mile up the road. Turn right on Trail 137 and it will take you right back to 13.

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