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Seney Michigan Snowmobile Trail Report


Seney Michigan Area Snowmobile Trail Conditions report
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Seney Snowmobile Association

Feb 16th 2017

Groomer Update: So if you read my report last night you are aware that the guys were quite busy yesterday at the groomer barn again trying to keep the groomers on the trail. The JD was throwing clogged filter codes while Don was grooming 431. He stopped short of the trails end and brought it back to the barn where they replaced the 2 filters the codes indicated. Then Bill headed out to groom to Shingleton. He only got 14 miles out of town and it started throwing codes again so he returned to the barn. Don called the dealer and the mechanic/service manager actually came up from Lake City arriving at 10pm last night hoping to get it back on the trail; but more bad news. The rear axle bearing is out. For us laymen: the lubrication for this is connected with the transmission lubrication and it threw metal shavings into the tranny which we just spent $22K fixing. (I haven't even paid the bill yet) This is too big of a job to fix here so down state it went again this morning. We don't expect it back until at least the middle of next week.

There was a crew waiting at the barn for UPS to deliver the part for the plow on the tucker, we've been grooming without the plow since Saturday. There was a mix up with that and the part got delivered to Newberry instead. So Terry took the groomer and went south on 43 while Josh drove to Newberry to pick up the part. The groomer and Josh got back to Seney about the same time and the crew repaired the plow and hooked it back up. By 9pm Don was on the trail north to finish grooming 431.

Don left the house yesterday at 5am and got home at 4am this morning between grooming and working at the barn. There were 4 other operators involved in this scenario of which I have yet to count all the man-hours involved. I'm sure each grant sponsor has stories like this but I thought I'd share so you as riders understand some of the dedication that goes into making your trails safe.

Conditions: Expect trails to be rough with moguls and blown out corners this weekend. We haven't been able to keep the trail smooth with the traffic this year even with our double grooming efforts. We have had many complaint of rough trails. This is a holiday weekend coming up that typically has an increase in traffic and we are down to one groomer so double grooming is not going to happen. Compounded on this is the weather forecast. In order to groom both trails each day we would need to run around the clock but 40 degree temps will not allow that and we will be forced to only groom at night. You do the math.

Warm Weather Grooming:
Typically they don't groom much above 37 but there are a lot of variables: How much sun. This makes the snow wetter and softer How much wind. Also makes the snow wetter Is there rain involved How much sled traffic Is the temp still dropping below freezing at night. If so they can groom at night.
This is the short version but the trail boss makes the call. And if the operator calls and says the snow is balling up in the drag then he will be directed to return to the barn as this will not produce a safe trail.

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